From candles to body oil, we're embracing the slow beauty movement.

At Becca Project, we harness the power of essential oils as our hero ingredient to create targeted blends that address specific ailments and moods. Through our meticulous mixing of scents, we aim to elevate your wellbeing and empower and nurture our bodies.

Where it all began..

“I’m a Type A personality. I'm always on the go and never sit still - until the day it was forced upon me.

I’m a busy mum of two, a radiographer by trade and my husband is a pilot who’s constantly travelling. Several years ago, I had just finished my third half marathon in a matter of months and I literally stopped. I just crashed. Shortly afterwards I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and another autoimmune disease.

As I was contemplating all sorts of medication, a beautiful friend of mine introduced me to essential oils. I tried them and they really helped, but I wondered how you could reap their benefits and still be surrounded by amazing scents.

Candles were the first thing that came to mind. I love candles. I knew if I could make candles with these oils, their scents could be enjoyed while also reaping their holistic benefits. Shortly after, our solid perfumes were created so everyone could have an essential oil on hand wherever they travelled."

Carlie x

Not just another candle company

All our products contain real, pure, organic essential oils. Yes, the actual oils - not just the fragrance that is used in most beauty products and candles. These oils have powerful, mind-boosting, health-promoting properties.

Heaven scent

Because we started out as essential oil sceptics, we are passionate about keeping it real with our customers and being transparent with our ingredients.

We think essential oils can sometimes be over-powering in the scent department. So we’ve found a way to blend the oils to create divine scent combinations.

Our passion for Becca Project stems from wanting to share the power of these wonder-oils with you, our customers. You have to try it to believe it and we promise, you won’t be disappointed…