Becca Project Large Candles

Handcrafted Home Fragrance & Body Care in NZ

Becca Project offers a range of natural, essential-oil infused candles, diffusers, perfume balms and body oils - all hand crafted in our studio on the North Shore, New Zealand. We carefully curate our scent combinations to mix oils that work in harmony to enable you to improve or enhance your mood. Along with the widespread benefits of inhaling these essential oils, the very act of taking time out to light a candle or treat your skin promotes self-care and mental health awareness.

We’ve created a range to suit your needs. From lighting a candle and curling up with a book to smoothing on our body oil to quench thirsty skin after a day at the beach. You can waft your favourite home fragrance around the house with our essential oil diffusers and also take that signature scent wherever you go with our Becca perfume balms. Our products allow you to ‘layer’ up our gorgeous scents and enjoy that feeling or mood wherever you are.


Body Oil

Beautiful Body Oil - Handmade by Becca

Our ethos

We built Becca Project with the idea of slowness in mind: slow beauty, conscious purchasing... Our ethos embraces hygge -taking time to enjoy the little things like lighting a candle. This is why we launched with our candle range. There are already so many products on the market for a consumer to buy. We wanted our range to be select and unique and to offer only quality products. We offer our customers that feeling of contentment, encouraging them to take a moment in time to care for themselves.

Essential oils

Most people think essential oil candles are two-a-penny, but almost all scented candles are just made from fragrance, but not the actual essential oil. This is what makes Becca Project special.

Featuring pure essential oils in all our products is a game changer. It means the amazing mood enhancing benefits of the oils are released and inhaled when they are used. Most candles and beauty products just use fragrance, so this really sets us apart.


We are embracing the 'slow beauty movement', conscious consumerism and sustainability. All of our packaging is recyclable and all of our our products are created with sustainability and the environment in mind.

Hand-crafted luxury candles, solid fragrance balms, oil diffusers, and body oil - made using pure, natural ingredients and wrapped up in stunning sustainable packaging.