Medium Candle - NOEL Christmas SOLD OUT!!

Embrace those warm festive feelings with Noel’s cheerful blend of Christmas spice and all things nice. Noel kindles the Christmas spirit with the warmth of clove, nutmeg and cinnamon alongside zesty orange notes to create a delicious aroma on a sparkling Christmas night.  With the flicker of candlelight and the crackle of our wooden wick, Noel is a true feast for your senses.  

Product Information

This Christmas candle is a spicy blend of CASSIA, CLOVE, CEDARWOOD, NUTMEG, CINNAMON, ORANGE. It is the best way to embrace those warm festive feelings of the season.

Our Noel candle isn't like most other candles. not only do we use real certified organic essential oils (most candle company use only fragrance), all natural coconut soy wax and 100% phthalate free fragrance oils, it is also well and truly hand-made by us in New Zealand. The crackle of our natural wooden wicks kindles a sense of fireside warmth and tranquility and the Noel blend is a true feast for your senses at Christmas time.

What are our friends saying?

"The toffee candle is easily one of the best I've ever smelled! Completely Obsessed"

Ashleigh Cometti - Viva Beauty Editor